Safety, Health, Environment & Quality Policy


“We will be the leading Facility Management Company providing efficient, quality and high standard services which are technologically appropriate for the local market”.


  1. We will comply with all legal legislation and ensure compliance in all projects and locations in which we  operate.
  2. We will implement and enforce Al Borj policy and directives relating to safety, health, environment & quality.
  3. We will implement SHEQ management systems, to proactively ensure quality & loss control that will minimize the environmental impact on our operations and services.
  4. Line management will ensure that their teams will comply with and use the defined systems effectively and will also actively promote directives and initiatives that will support to achieve continuous improvement in SHEQ standards.



We will deliver our commitment to safety, health, environment & quality by:

  1. Ensuring a total management commitment that will promote a culture and working environment that will incorporate safety, health, environment & quality into all our services and functions.
  2. Developing monitoring techniques including benchmarking systems to enable improved comparison capabilities of our SHEQ Performance in relation to our industry and competitors.
  3. Undertaking hazard identification, environment aspects and risk assessment throughout all the projects as far as possible to eliminate or minimize those risks by developing suitable controls.
  4. Establishing a performance orientated business culture that supports sustainable outcomes through leadership, accountability and commitment.
  5. Developing a structured training plan and programs to give staff the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out their tasks safely and professionally that will ensure the Quality of Service is provided and maintained to a high standard.
  6. Focusing on continuous improvement opportunities throughout our key quality processes for our external and internal customers to increase the efficiency and profitability that will add value to all concerned stake holders.